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my sweaters on backwards and inside out and you say how appropriate.

Ten years later i tell you all. Well most of you know but meh!

Ive moved in with 'The Weasleys'!! Go me and not living with the callthemselvesparentsfolks!

Twas really cool and easy. Im sharing with Ginny at the mo and its a bit of a squeeze with both of our junk everywhere but its really cool!

Even when the kids arent there, theres Bill and Fleur [who is always comparing herself with me?! Bitch Whos the Auror and can actually talk English?! Yeah thought so!] and Charlie. Hes not working with the Dragons for a bit he said so hes here which is really cool because its been fun getting to catch up again after all those years. Who would have thought I'd be living with his family years later... after Hogwarts and stuff.

Works been in overdrive. With catching Voldy .. or trying and new Minister. Hes ok but i dont know, hes a minister so what else can i say?!

The prisoner. What can i say?! He was hiding from 'us' because he was an escaped convit on the run NOW he has to pretend hes dead. Oh that sexy man... so stupid half the time and i can see it getting to him... i wonder if he will die... well the ways hes going so yeah.

Where has Remus gone? I mean, i knew he was like being all imaspy with Greyback but how long does it take and why is he still doing it?! Another crazy sexy man doing stupid things who will probably get himself killed.

I had to go to Hogsmede the other day and guess who i saw. HAGRID! Oh that big hairy giant. Hes so sweet and we had a little talk outside. He was walking Fang... he said but i think it was more to it than that so i just left it. Hes taking Dumbledores death hard and house being burnt down too. When i saw him he was muttering something and when he left he began muttering the same thing again. Something about Snape. Death. Monkeys and Wands. I dont know but i think Hagrid has a plan up that big sleeve of his.

Other than that. Nothing new at all but i have been testing out new colours for the old barnet. I have a mixture of Lime green with a hint of purple when light hits it :) I quite like it and will keep it for a while even though Molly keeps saying 'That wont get you a man dear' and then walks off with a sad look on her face. ¬_¬

Anyway i have to go now. Arthurs home with yet another ohsofunny muggle thing.

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