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When you gonna make up your mind?

*pokes community*

We are dead arent we?

Well my life has been... somewhat fun! ¬_¬

No nothing really to report. Ginny and Harry are spending a lot of time together and I think Harry is actually as happy as Ginny appears to be about this situation. *shrugs*

I dont really care anymore.. it just got the point of being annoying just like Ronald and Hermoine. Why cant they just get it together already? Jeeeeeeeeeeeez, its just boring now. *sighs*

If only i wasnt working then... Stupid Ministry Stupid.

Anyway, muggle stuff. Mcfly; their album and I want it. I saw the CD today at Tesco today whilst I was getting some milk. that i did do alongside dropping the milk bottles and then slipping on them to then have a soggy milk bottom and a handful of evil looks from those muggles ¬_¬

Other than that, havent heard any from Remus. I wonder what Charlies doing tonight then? And Prisoner is taking cooking lessons off Molly *rolly eyes*

Wheres me? Its always Harry Harry Harry, The Boy Who Needed His Mum To Survive. Mommas Boy.
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