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so i started my seventh year (again) today. and omgoshhh you will never believe who my form tutor is...

Professor Flitfuck!

talk about going from one extreme to another...

Professor Barrbottom - "ahhh do whatever you want"
Professor Flitfuck - "you lot better be here everyday on time!" + "i used to go to the cinema, theatre, bars and clubs"

okay, i admit i may of been slighty obsessed with Flitfuck... BEFORE but i am so not happy about this. i got him for Muggle Studies too! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HELP!

anywhoo... what are you guys up to now? RON! i know i was living with you and stuff but i didnt care enough to ask before. ok that's a lie. i was just too busy following Ginny around.

there are loads of clowns, everywhere! especially to the left of me. stupid jokers to the right. and here i am stuck in the middle with you and you stink.
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