Harry Potter (arrypooter) wrote in hogwarts_pimps,
Harry Potter

so today old Ronny boy dragged me out into the garden, even though i was perfectly happy sitting in the house... spying on Ginny. i think he wanted me to practise some Quidditch moves with him. anywhooo, i got my broom and went out to the garden and realised that Ron had gone off with that peroxide blonde Leg-las guy, again. so i stood there tutting for a while, tut tut tut tut he's spending way too much time with that man.

after they disappeared from view, i went wondering... in the hills. and then i bumped into Ibuprofin... in the hills. he had that couldren round his neck and was trying to catch the smoke in his hands. "it's like trying to catch smoke, trying to catch smoke through your hands" he said. that guy is kerr-aaazzzyy. anyway he took me to this wierd place. it was wierd. wierd. wierd. wierd. i bought this necklace there. funnily enough, it was one of Voldy's horcruxes! i destroyed it... and saved the day!!! (as per usual tut tut tut). after that Ibuprofin got really angry with me and scratched a scar on to his forehead and started to scream. at that point i thought i ought to leave him and head back to the Burrow.

when i got back i really needed a piss. but... i opened the door to a naked Ginny having a shower.        : o          : )          ; ) 

i was like oh no, oh yes, uh oh. then i went into "my" room and found Ron colouring his hair! au naturel my ass, Ron!

so today i learnt:

1)ginny looks great naked

2)ron is not a real ginga

2)always knock before you enter a room

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