Ronald Bilius Weasley (rons_freckles) wrote in hogwarts_pimps,
Ronald Bilius Weasley

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Really, now! I should be telling you people to update, not the other way around!

Seriously, these summer holidays have been boring. I think it's because it's too packed over here. Having Harry and Hermione over IS great and fun, but I like to have my own space, too. And Ginny! Bloody HELL! That girl is giving ME period pains. All she does is talk, bitch, insult me, talk, bitch and gossip with Tonks. She's never like that at school. I think the lack of private time is getting to her, too...

But, seriously, guys. When will I be able to have my bedroom to myself for one night? Just one night! Or even fifteen bloody minutes! Anything will do, thanks.
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