Ronald Bilius Weasley (rons_freckles) wrote in hogwarts_pimps,
Ronald Bilius Weasley

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MOD post

Hey, guys. I think I better apologise for the lack of interest for the community, right? I've been busy with school work, and such, and George and Fred ruined the computer, which meant that I couldn't really use it, much.

Anyway. Moving on to the point. I need somebody who would be another MOD for hogwarts_pimps. Somebody who has enough time to make sure that everyone is posting and that everything is in order. I need a help in hand, since my time might be limited on the Internet.

I need someone who often comes online and would be bothered to help out and make sure that this place is up and running. If anyone does decide to BE AS GODLY AS I AM, then I'll e-mail you with information and tell you what you need to know.

Any takers?
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