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And he kept saying Do mine... Do it now.

Ok, we are dead but I did hear that it will be revived again next summer.

Yay for summer holidays where you get to do something for nothing.

Work is cool. Ive been promoted to two stages above my junior postition, which is cool i suppose. Everythings been good in terms of everyone being alive and well. Bill is all semi-werewolf so thats why I see him and Remus together a lot.

Fleur and Molly are getting on pretty good I have to admit.

Ronald, Hermy and Harry have all buggered off to find out more on Voldy. They are all safe but I am incredibly bored here. I just want to kill some baddies and eat chocolate all day but then theres not rest for an Auror now is there?

My hair is thankfully more alive and not all brown anymore. Its blue and pink at the moment.

Snape is a bitch so you know. Thats life.

I went to see this film the other day, you know the Bridget Jones and the Diary of Cups. It was a tad bit disappointing but oh well. Onwards to the fifth one.

Im off now to do something constructive... maybe chop off my arm, suck some blood from young Harry and make myself my very own Evil Master. Who was once quite sexy.
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